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That's exactly what every pair of Scentra promises to be.

Its list of too-good-to-be-true qualities includes a certified orthopedic sole (to keep you right within your comfort zone), a scented insole (to keep you smelling as good as you look), a breathable, ecofriendly fabric that keeps every kind of buyer's remorse at bay!
So go on, buy a Scentra in every colour of the rainbow. Designed in California, manufactured in Spain - these shoes are made for walking, dancing, chilling or whatever your choice of activity is.ith a fruity scent dyed into its sole, the original Scentras retain their fragrance, wash after wash and only get more comfortable as they age.

Meet your new Scentras. They're the incredibly beautiful love child of the American free spirit and effortless European elegance. You're smiling aren't you? Well that was the plan. Now walk about in them and spread the love, cheer and good vibes. Let regular people wear regular shoes, wear your Scentras, keep your head in the clouds and your feet firmly planted on the ground.

  • Designed in california

  • Made in spain

Design studio in los angeles