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December 2016

uber shoes for women

Ladies, Your Uber Has Arrived

Whether you are a picnic-in-the-park or a cocktails-on-the-rooftop kinda gal, chances are that you’ve faced a shoe dilemma at some point. It’s not you. It’s the times. And…

organic casual footwear for men

Organic Casual Footwear For Men: Because Why Shouldn’t Men Have Some Fun!

Men have traditionally stuck to leather footwear for all their outdoor as well as indoor activities. Be it in the form of formal shoes or sandals or chappals,…

organic footwear by Scentra

Organic Footwear Can Be Amazing If Bought In The Right Fit

Buying shoes might not seem like a big deal. However, wanting to buy the right kind of footwear is. Lots of new-age products have entered the market, and…

comfortable shoes for women

Comfortable Shoes For Women: For The Alluring You Without The Stilettos!

Age and profession limit the kind of footwear you can wear! Most of the fashion footwear available now days do not take the arch support into consideration either….

comfortable and stylish shoes for men

Comfortable Shoes For Men And Women Can Be Bought Online Easily

When it comes to shopping online for shoes, one is often in a state of indecision. The two primary feelings of avoiding a trip to the market and…

slip on for women

Slip On For Women: Combining Style With Comfort

Scentra Slip on for Women is designed for the free-spirited, elegant women of today! They embody the positivity these women bring to the lives of others and their…