Gone are the days when shoes could only be shopped at the brick and mortar showrooms. We are blessed to be living in an era where we can conveniently sit back at our homes and buy shoes online. Although it’s easy and simple, yet there are some key tips to be kept in mind when you are on an ‘online shoe shopping’ spree. Here are a few tricks that can help you get the best shoe deal with the least hustle:

1. The perfect size

The most important step to ‘online shoe shopping’ is getting a perfectly fitting pair of shoes without actually trying them on. Do check the size guide before buying any footwear online. Every brand has its own size chart which may vary from that of the others. Always have a look at this guide before making a decision.

2. Product specifications

Specifications of the shoes are as important as its size. You would not want to be surprised by the material of the shoes later. Would you?

Therefore, do read the specifications before anything else. Check the material of the shoe, the height of its heel or its neck, in case of boots.  Ensure they meet your requirements and then make the purchase.

3. Credibility check

One fine way to check the credibility and the quality of a brand’s products is by checking its reviews. Do a Google review search to check the customer feedback. You can also run a check over the brand’s social media handles to see how the products have been doing. You can give it a shot once you’re convinced with people’s reactions.

4. Return/ exchange policy

Make sure the brand you’re buying from, has good policies when it comes to return and exchange. Read the guidelines before buying the footwear. In case your luck runs out and you get a defective piece, you shall still be able to get it right with the right exchange/ return policies in place. Ideally, you can have a minimum of 6-7 days to return or exchange your shoes, provided they’re in the right condition.

5. Keep the receipts

Again, if you get the wrong size or style of shoes, the return policy would only work if you have the receipts in place. More often there are instructions written on the receipt as to how to return the order. You need to abide by them to complete the procedure. The reason why you should keep all the papers intact.

6. Try and see

Clearly, if you are new to a brand, don’t do an impulse purchase and do not buy in bulk. You might really like busloads of designs but hold your horses and go one step at a time. Once you try out your first pair and are satisfied with the results, go for your next ones.

These are some easy tips one can follow for a smooth online experience.  There will always be hitches and glitches but you can reduce the chances of dissatisfaction with these pointers being your guide.