Breaking News: Women tend to dump men who don’t have their shoe game on point!

We may be kidding (right now) but don’t blame us later for not warning you.

Stellar footwear isn’t exclusive to the ladies, as is proven by Scentra’s new collection, UBER, which elevates your everyday look and qualifies as visual perfection.

Expect a whole lot of jaw drops and drool drops as you mix & match these babies with whatever the hell you wear. The best part – they give your feet all the TLC they might need & yet never ask for a return favour.

“The cushioning is like a bed for your feet and the balmy scent embedded in the fabric keeps the spirit of spring and summer alive.”

  • Karan Vij, Founder Scentra

Maximum breathability, minimum fuss, perfectly elevated sole – UBER from Scentra ensures you arrive at your destination in staggering style.

Hitch a ride, this one’s a no-brainer!