A collaboration of like-minded spirits, Scentra brought its mojo to one of the biggest musical concerts the city has ever seen!

Nucleya’s multi-city Bass Yatra started on the right foot, what with Scentra being the footwear partner for the event.

A sea of humanity descended upon Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium last Sunday where one of the most dynamic fixtures in the EDM industry, Nucleya brought his biggest, brashest and most attention grabbing compositions. His energy enthralled the roaring crowd in a way that you could only expect from the man who is decluttering the face of music in India, beat by beat.

Also creating magic at the event were electronic artists Mojo Jojo & Su Real – the former infused mid-level wobbles in the music and stunned the audience with heavy bass mixes and crossover numbers. Su Real wowed the crowds with his electro house mixes along with the super talented Delhi based vocalist Tanya Nambiar for two tracks.

In a space as crowded as a music concert, the last thing you need is a buzzkill, in the form of uncomfortable shoes. Scentra partnered with Nucleya for this head banging night to deliver the same message to the youth. It was a mere coincidence that Nucleya’s new single, ‘Take Me There’, from their album Raja Baja echoes the same wanderlust sentiment that every pair of Scentra stands for.

We spotted a lot of happy feet at the venue and can’t wait to spread the cheer at many more events.

It’s safe to say everyone who was there won’t forget this memorable night with one of the finest music makers the Indian industry, for a long, long time!