A wise one once said – Good shoes take you to good places. And for feet that carry your weight all the time, a good pair is the least you can give. Leave this job to Scentra. Buying a great pair of slip on shoes online in India is a piece of cake at scentra.com.

The ‘Scent’ in Scentra is For Real

Scentra.com is a great place to shop for slip on shoes online in India. And the magic that makes their shoes stand apart – or must we say smell apart – is hidden in the name.

Say goodbye to smelly feet. NO! Don’t cut them off, man! Just buy a pair of slip on shoes online in India at Scentra.com.

Every pair of Scentra shoes gives off a fresh fruity fragrance. Your feet are sure to smell fabulous when you take your Scentras off. Although we find it difficult to fathom why anyone would want to take them off!

Casual Sports Shoes…What Else For Those Long Outdoor Days?

We all know the uncomfortable feeling we get in the feet on those long days out. Let Scentra sweep this uneasy feeling off your feet. The great ergonomic design will take care of the discomfort to you.

Longer hours also spell disaster for other people when you finally take your shoes off. The repugnant, repulsive odor comes in handy when you want to get rid of some friends. But if you love them, why not get a pair from Scentra! Do it for them, if not for yourself.

Shop for Slip on Shoes Online In India

The online market is flooded with a plethora of online shops selling shoes. But with most of these sites, the price to quality ratio does not make sense. At scentra.com, you will find some great and cheap casual shoes and the perfect fit.

A neatly organized website, shopping for shoes at Scentra is a breeze of fresh air. You can also buy skater shoes online at scentra.com. With multiple colorful options, style is only a few clicks away for everyone.

Great Designs for the Cool People

Scentra.com is a great place to buy slip on shoes online in India. It does not come as a surprise that it is now the choice of many new generation Bollywood actresses.

And kids are not left at bay when Scentra designs shoes. Scentra.com lists a variety of great shoe designs for the young ones as well.

Western Style to Complement Your Desi Elegance!

All Scentra designs, be it regular slip-ons or casual sports shoes, are handmade in Spain. And the sleek and suave shoes are designed for maximum style and comfort in California.

It is true what they say at Scentra – the Scentra Originals feeling is second only to being barefoot. The designs bring the best of America and Europe for your feet. So don’t waste time and simply purchase the slip on shoes online in India now.

Why Scentra – A Quick Round Up

If you are still finding it difficult to find place for a pair of Scentras on your shoe rack, here is what you need to consider:

  • You smell great, and so will your feet this summer. Your Scentras will leave a sweet fruity smell in your feet, every single time.
  • Each pair of Scentra is lightweight and fully flexible. Translation: 100% comfort, all day!
  • Eco Friendly Materials – The shoes are made out of European cotton and natural rubber.
  • While the materials used guarantee no animals are harmed, the great design and fragrance mean no cruelty to you and your loved ones.
  • A global design for a global you – Each pair of Scentra is designed in California and handmade with love in Spain.

Summer is here and it’s time to show your vacation style to everyone. Visit scentra.com to know why it is the best place to buy great slip on shoes online in India.