Scentra Slip on for Women is designed for the free-spirited, elegant women of today! They embody the positivity these women bring to the lives of others and their surroundings.

The Scentra slip ons are designed in California, USA, and made in Spain. They are available in various materials, designs, colors, and sizes.

These shoes personify trendy and casual chic and can be worn for any occasion from official to festive to sporty!

The Scentra slip ons carry a timeless fragrance within them, which makes them a purchase of a lifetime!

Why Are They Considered Best Shoes For Women

slip on shoes for women

Every girl requires shoes that are fun yet practical. Being comfortable even on prolonged use is a bonus feature.

Scentra has innumerable qualities. They can be quantified as below:

  • it has a certified orthopedic sole,
  • the insole is scented,
  • is breathable, and
  • is made of an eco-friendly fabric.

What Kind Of Clothes Can Be Worn With this Snazzy Footwear

trendy shoes for women

Slip on sneakers for women look good paired with:

  • Sporty daywear
  • Mesh clothing
  • Shorts
  • Summer or shirt dresses
  • Short pleated skirts
  • Flashy jogging pants

You can do anything in these Scentra shoes, walk, jog, dance, or simply relax!

Slip On For Women: The Sneaker Style Guide

Below are some pointers on what kind of slip-ons match which kind of clothing

Printed slip-ons look good with a white and black combination or a full black outfit. Nothing jazzes up denim shorts much more than a plain dark-hued slip on for women and a casual jacket!

For a casual day out shopping with friends or a lunch date try out a short dress, a midi, or a mini, coupled with the slip on sneakers.

Nothing works the 90s era more than a simple crop top, denim or cotton overalls, and slip-ons. A long straight skirt paired with a sweater and leather slip-ons work both for the fall and the winter seasons!

Skinny jeans, high waisted jeans, ankle length jeans, boyfriend jeans, or leggings, all are crazy about their pairing with these trendy shoes for women.

The Scentranatomy Of Shoes

scentra slip on and bag for women

The Scentra shoes come in a rainbow of colors and styles. But they can be broadly categorized under ‘original’ and ‘plus’!

The ‘Original’ Scentra shoes give you the feeling of walking barefoot!

They are made by hand and present a world-class comfort. These shoes offer your feet a soft, fresh, and scented embrace throughout!

The insole is dyed with a fruity scent that remains with the shoe even after multiple washes!

The Scentra ‘Plus’ shoes are meant for the fitness conscious you!

With a more rugged and thicker sole, you can run or simply walk as much as you want and the shoes won’t ever burn-out!

The Last Stand

The Scentra Slip on for women are elegant yet provide comfort to the wearer. Also, they are really easy on the pockets.

They can be teamed with all kinds of traditional as well as western wear, making them versatile as well as an affordable fashion accessory!

Just remember to purchase the slip-ons in style, material, design, and color complementing your overall look or you can take a leaf out of the look of a Scentra celebrity!