The fashion world has given birth to shoes that are getting versatile and chic by the day. Everyone likes to wear trendy shoes & celebrity shoes in India and the fashion world has many for all occasions. Trendy and celebrity shoes are in vogue in India and many secretly harbor an innate desire to own at least a pair and flaunt it with pride. Shoes empower an individual with comfort and style and the right shoes are admired by all. The Scentra brand of shoes is that accessory in your wardrobe which will make an individual look stylish and trendy. They add fashion and glamour to one’s look and make an individual’s feet look like a million bucks. The right shoes combined with a perfect outfit surely makes a person dazzle with charm.

The Chic Celebrity shoes

If you follow celebrities, you are bound to notice their love for florals during all seasons. One gets to see trendy shoes & celebrity shoes in India in glamour magazines and newspapers. These glossies are a great platform for them to showcase their personal style as well as set trends with unique shoe patterns and designs.

A strawberry scented shoe worn with a short skirt is comfortable and worn by many starlets in the glamour world. Bubblegum scentra shoes look cute and are a must in every celebrity’s wardrobe. Orange scented shoes too are in vogue for casual outfits and worn by many. Another popular number that is doing the rounds amongst celebrity shoes in India are the polka dotted berry smelling shoes which are known to add character to one’s outfit.

Trendy shoes for Men

Men too aren’t far behind and are opting for trendy shoes to complement their look. The latest colors and designs for men in the scentra brand are quite a rage in the glamour fraternity. The Miami mustard plus and beige scentra have replaced sneakers and loafers. The Miami Black scentra and the Denim scentra are apt for a formal setting as well as a casual meeting. Many celebs are seen flaunting the scentra brand of shoes that take a place in trendy shoes & celebrity shoes in India which are available in various colors, design and materials to create that perfect look.

Shoes of the day

Here’s a list of 5 trendy shoes & celebrity shoes in India that have created curiosity and interest amongst many women and are much talked about in the glamour fraternity as well.

  • The Madrid green scentra when worn can either go right or they can go horribly wrong. They look fantastic on shorts, denim and can add a lot of depth to your entire look.
  • The Ballet flat wine scentra and the deep red scentra are the much talked about celebrity shoes in India and women who love to wear short dresses yearn to slip into them.
  • A color that’s making women faint with excitement are the Tokyo orange scentra and pink scentra with polka dots. The soft colors and polka dots and are considered a must have by many fashionistas.
  • One never gets to see celebs repeating their shoes however, most of the scentra shoes go with any outfit and at any time of the day and celebs don’t mind wearing them again.
  • Who thought that a pair of flat shoes could be fashionable? Well, a lot of celebrities are flaunting the scentra brand as they smell fruity and look pretty on the feet. Anyone who loves to reflect their attitude must surely slip into them.

People love their shoes and shopping online for shoes uplifts anyone’s mood. The Scentra brand of trendy shoes & celebrity shoes in India are available in solid colors, stripes, organic cotton, polka dots and this is the reason why people love to own these colorful shoes.