A woman is incomplete without a staple bag that stocks her essentials. Modern day women are getting more fashion conscious and looking for unique styles to make a bold statement.

Moreover, modern women like to tread an unconventional route and strive to be different. Scentra’s range of exclusive women’s accessories like bags and women’s organic shoes are devised to fit the modern women.

Scented Vegan Leather Women Bag – A Novel Initiative

Scented Vegan Leather Bag by Scentra


Who wouldn’t want to own a bag that looks not only beautiful, but also smells beautiful? Throw in, unique and premium vegan leather and organic fabrics – that gives you one more reason to buy these gorgeous utility bags for women.

Scentra has carved a niche in the market for its unique line of scented products like scented men shoes, organic shoes and more. Now introducing its one of a kind eco-friendly material handbags, with divine aromas, it has gone a step further.

Say hello to aromatic bags that let you unlock their scents by rubbing on its material. Always feel energized and rejuvenated with the fresh scent in your handbags. These lavish eco-friendly leather bags not just look ostentatious, but also smell good.

Advantages of Scented Bags for Women

Scented bags for women by Scentra


  • Create a wonderful aura wherever you go
  • Whenever you feel down for some reason, rub your fingers over the material of these bags and enlighten your mood with the fresh scent
  • Induce positivity with the good vibes of scented bags
  • Eco-friendly material with high durability
  • Make a new style statement with unique colors and divine aromas

For Men

Scented bags and shoes for men by Scentra


Why should girls have all the fun? Scentra’s products like exclusive eco-friendly leather men bag and scented men shoes are designed for the fashion-savvy men. Don’t settle for some normal lackluster mens shoes. Go to Scentra and take a look at iconic collections of trendy shoes. Let your feet do the talking!

  • Eco-friendly materials – Scentra promotes environmentally friendly products and uses only such materials in all of its products
  • Add a dash of Scent – Natural aromas of scent adds a fresh feel to your shoes and bags
  • Unique Colors and Styles – Carry off the unique shoes and bags for men, with any outfit.
  • Flexibility and Durability – Scentra takes care to deliver high-quality products that live up to its promise

Say Bye to Stink

Scented bags and footwear by Scentra


Experience the comfort of products from Scentra, along with the great smell of scented footwear and scented bags. The unique line of shoes includes a certified orthopedic sole and a scented insole along with a breathable, eco-friendly fabric.

The same goes for its bags. They feature durable, eco-friendly material, along with great style and solid color choices. This pretty much takes care of every kind of buyer’s concerns.

So, go on and buy a Scentra product and be a proud Scentrian. Say bye-bye to bad odor and hello to the fresh scent that will keep you energized throughout the day.

Comfortable Products at Comfortable Prices

Scentra’s promise – Uncompromised quality at best price. It delivers exactly as promised and each of its products adheres to high-quality standards. Put your best foot forward with every pair of Scentra footwear. Stand out from the crowd by flaunting Scentras.

On the whole, if you are looking for a fashion forward look, then Scentra is your best bet. So, buy Scentras and keep your head high!