Original The next best thing to being barefoot!

Handmade and totally deserving of cult-like devotion, the original Scentra offers the most comfortable feeling in the world, i.e. of being barefoot. It softly hugs your feet and keeps them smelling fresh and fabulous from A.M. to P.M.

With a fruity scent dyed into its sole, the original Scentras retain their fragrance, wash after wash and only get more comfortable as they age.

Plus Shoes that don't take a toll on your soles!

Scentra PLUS is a fresher iteration of the good old chunky sole. Fortified with a thicker, more rugged sole, it is perfect for sprints and strolls alike, depending on the day of the week! It also means that these shoes won't burn-out, ever.

An elevated trend – Scentra PLUS not only helps you come out on top, it unites what you need (a sturdy sole) with what you actually want (patterns & pops of colour). Oh and did we mention? These shoes smell sweet all summer long.

Uber Men It's all about those extra few inches

Stacked platform sole + Comfy, just like a sneaker + Sick colours

The Scentra Uber for Men is a rad line-up of easy slip-on slip-off shoes that help you stay on top of your game.

Easy on the eye & hard on impact -- isn't that what you want.